The agricultural estate Villa Ponte was founded By Vito Cugnata in the 1950s in the heart of the countryside around Chiaramonte Gulfi. Today it is managed by Silvana and Giovanni Cugnata with their children collaboration, Vito and Cristina.

Its olive groves cover 50 hectares of a land 400 meters above sea level. There are more than 6000 olive trees that produce olives of the Tonda Iblea type. Villa Ponte produces about 1500 q olives par year.

Extra Virgin Olive oils produced by Villa Ponte are checked and certified by two serious control bodies as Agroqualità and Suolo e Salute.

EVO oils produced by Villa Ponte were born in a unique environment that only our countryside and its nature can offer. For thirty years the agricultural estate Villa Ponte has based its work on an eco-sustainable production system that is bound by organic agriculture. We have always looked after the environment, land, and the air we breathe. The treatments reserved for lands processing categorically exclude the use of chemical products that could alter the original composition of lands and plants or harm consumers. Moreover, the company owns a photovoltaic system to minimize the impact on the environment and to take advantage of the natural sunlight, a free resource.


The Villa Ponte oils are produced into a quite unique environment like just the nature of our countryside landscape can offer. Since 30 years Villa Ponte has been developing its own work on an eco – sustainable production system and according to Organic Agricultural techniques. For years, we take care of the environment , of our land and the air we breathe. Confidential treatment to working the land are free from any chemical that can alter the chemical – natural composition of plants and soil , or which could harm humans during swallowing. The company also relies on photovoltaics to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment and to take advantage of natural sunlight we already have .


All technical information, certificates of organic conformity and D.O.P

Certificate of organic conformityNUOVO-certificato-biologico-sauolo-e-salute-unito
Technical data sheetSCHEDA-TECNICA
Certificate of D.O.P Monti IBlei Sub. GulfiAutorizzazione