According to us organic extra virgin olive oil represents the final and missing detail for any type of dish and condiment combined with it; we intend to expand our variety of products aimed to good cooking and enrichment of our customers dining table giving them the chance to try unique and genuine products with purely Sicilian ingredients.




  • Olive della Nonna

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    Olive della Nonna

    With the Villa Ponte Olive della Nonna your aperitifs and dressings will never be the same!
    Cracked or hand-pitted olives pickled in vinegar, mint, wild dill, salt and of course, Villa Ponte organic extra virgin olive oil. A perfect mix to make your peckish moments unforgettable.

    Vasetto di vetro di g 290
    Sigillo di garanzia
    con Lotto di produzione e scadenza.

  • (Italiano) Caponata di melanzane

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    (Italiano) Caponata di melanzane

    Caponata di melanzana can deliciously enrich any dish. Fried eggplant, tomato sauce, onions, celery, olives, capers, vinegar and, as always, our organic extra virgin olive oil.

    Glass jar of g 290
    Warranty seal
    with production lot and expiration.

  • Tomato sauce

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    Tomato sauce

    The Villa Ponte Tomato sauce was created from an ancient Sicilian recipe, symbol of the popular culinary tradition. Tomatoes grown on the property's organic land are used to make this genuine, tasty sauce which, thanks to its simplicity, can easily accompany any dish.

    Ready to be used after heading.

    0.350 kg


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    From one of the oldest fruits, already cultivated in 2000 B.C. and held sacred by the goddess on beauty Aphorodite, Villa Ponte has created quince jam.

    Delicate, nutritious and simple. Pulp and sugar are the main ingredients that make this new product. Easy to be spread and tasty, quince jam is a valid alternative to other more common jams.


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