From its first original use by the ancient Greeks, the term has always indicated the celebration of secret cults in a context where reality is hidden and sacred. In general it refers to anything that cannot be understood or explained clearly and that for this reason becomes fascinating. Mistero is the result of skilful blending of olives that Villa Ponte has grown for years (Tonda Iblea, Verdese, Moresca) and to which it has dedicated its love and patience obtaining, as a result, the satisfaction of creating a high quality and genuine product.

Mistero is the union of varieties which, just like musical notes, create a sweet and sublime symphony of the palate. Our hills, the musical score of a land that has been loved and respected, hold the roots of all that is good and beautiful. Mistero is the combination of love, passion, flavour and genuine quality all included in the same product. A triptych that is well represented on the front indicates the origin of this product which pleases the palate when added to belonging to original rural culinary tradition dishes such as legumes, steamed vegetables or salads.
Harmony and the varietal triptych.


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