Tonda Iblea

As strong, fascinating and wonderful as an olive wood. Tonda Iblea is the first extract of excellence presented by Villa Ponte. A pure oil obtained from the Tonda Iblea cultivar which our company grows on its own property in Chiaramonte Gulfi and which is destinated to be D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) Monti Iblei of the well known Gulfi subzone.

The bottle is solid and manageable and is easily placed on any type of surface. It fits comfortably in your hand and gives a feeling of fullness when gripped. The circle, a symbol of equilibrium, encloses everything that produces such an exceptional product: the soft hills, the sun and the ancient olive tree. The total balance between bitter and spicy is represented by the circular shape that also conveys the feeling of “roundness” to the palate.
A jewell you don’t wear, but taste.

0,50 L

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